Prototyping_Instagram (One Day Thinking for Fun)


Prototyping (One day thinking for fun)

Before thinking a phrase “What if,” grab a pen and a paper to jot down, draw, or sketch.

As a designer, I can use software such as Adobe Photoshop or After Effects to edit video. But, can my friends who didn’t learn these softwares still can edit videos simply to express their visualization and thoughts in short, single video?

Also, there’s no pause system in Instagram video editing tool. I saw people waiting for video looping to find actual moments, or actual spots. As a user, I always wanted to go backward or forward of the video to see what I took, not just waiting to see the actual scene for 1 second.

Few initial thoughts...

  • Will this function help people who are tech-unfriendly?
  • Can people just use another app to edit video?
  • Will this function help youth to express as a creator?
  • Will this function be fun or confusing?
  • When uploading videos, are we a creator, or are we just people who want attraction?