Capital One


Team: Danielle Yoon, Olivia Greco, Kaitlin Carano

How do we make sense of our digital products in the physical space and vice versa?

Creating a unified and integrated user experience regardless of channel.

These days people want to do everything online including their banking,

but with the big financial questions, sometimes you need to talk to a real person.

Enter Capital One Cafés -

well located café spaces that provide a casual and un-intimidating place for people to work, get coffee, and talk about money if they want. 

We started by exploring the current experience. As the Cafés become Capital One’s main physical representation, they need to provide a valuable and relevant experience to customers while they’re in the Cafe space.

We sat down with a few Cafe visitors to get their perspective:

“I came in last week to get a direct deposit form and had no idea this was a cafe. I use the app to help me figure out where I am in terms of budgeting - I’m still working on it and am not where I want to be.”

“The Capital One app is my life”

What we found through our research was that 

  • Users are unaware of cafes. They tend to come across them when seeking out a capital one branch or a cafe to do work.

  • Café experiences aren’t portable. Users can’t take what they’ve learned there and apply it to their finances in a useful way. And finally:

  • Many people have financial anxiety


Create value in cafés for Capital One members. Make this a setting where members can learn and benefit from using the space. Guide visitors through the cafés. Help users navigate and understand the space. And finally increase users’ financial confidence. Empower them to feel good about their money. 


OneLeague is a new program that rebrands banking with Capital one as a membership that allows users to tap into the full potential of the cafes.


Value Model

  • Target: 70M person user base

  • Revenue from new accounts and larger savings accounts

  • Revenue from enhanced data analytics