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Expanding Three-dimensional Existence in Transforming Space - Free Floating, 12 Colors

The space is filled with spheres of free floating light. People move through the spheres and enter the space. When people move through or strike the spheres and they receive a shock, they change color and resonate out that color. The spheres around that sphere will change color and in turn resonate out the color tone in three-dimensions to nearby spheres.

During a color change the space changes between a solid collection of spheres and a color plane.

Even if each sphere moves freely on its own, the behavior of light is maintained across the whole of the space (Three-dimensional image in which one ball is regarded as one dot). Therefore, the light behaves as a group and can be thought of as one three-dimensional existing space. At this time, the light spreads spherically around the impacted sphere. Since the physical position of a sphere component of the three-dimensional light space is free, people recognize them as existing as a three dimensional space and enter into that three-dimensional space.

The shape of the space due to the collection of floating spheres changes according to people's behavior (pushing or colliding). Also, the shape of the space is changed by wind and pressure change from the fans above.

Before the modern era in Japan Kasane no Irome, were seasonal colors created in silk. The colors were the result of a combination of front and back colors, (silk at the time was so thin that the liner was transparent creating complex colors), overlapping color gradations, complex weave colors, and combinations of warp and weft. The spheres of this installation consist of 9 new colors (light in water, sunlight on water plants, plum, iris, sky at twilight, morning sky, morning glow, peach, spring maple) and blue, red, and green, producing a total of 12 colors.

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